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1)      Where can I obtain Procurement Opportunities?

a.      To receive email notifications of procurement opportunities within your area of expertise, you must register on eMaryland Marketplace at, Maryland’s web-based procurement system.  For registration assistance, contact the Department of General Services at (410) 767-1492.  For potential opportunities valued at less than $15,000, you should contact the procurement officer for that specific area of work. 

2)      Are there any programs available for Small Businesses?

a.      Yes, the State of Maryland has a Small Business Reserve Program.  This program requires that twenty-four designated State agencies, including all MDOT modal administrations, structure their procurement processes so that at least 10 percent of their total procurement dollars are spent with qualified small businesses.

b.      An unofficial copy of the legislation is available on the Maryland General Assembly website at  Scroll down the page and type SB 904 in the Bill Number box and click the Submit Query button.

3)      How do I apply to be qualified as a small business?

a.      The Maryland Department of General Services has established an online, self-certification process that began on September 15, 2004 and can be accessed at

4)      What are the benefits of participating in the Small Business Reserve Program?

a.      The overall goal of the program is to increase economic opportunities for small businesses.   Once a solicitation has been designated as a Small Business Reserve Program procurement, only bids or proposals from certified small businesses will be accepted.  Therefore, a business will compete with its peers for these awards. 

5)      Is a small business the same as a minority business?

a.      No, but a business can be both if it has been qualified as a small business , is certified as such by the Department of General Services (DGS) and has been certified by the MDOT  Minority Business Enterprise Program as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and/or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE).  For more information about the MBE/DBE Program visit or call (410) 865-1269.

6)      What are the advantages of becoming certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and/or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)?

a.      Becoming certified as an MBE and/or DBE may increase your opportunities to do business with the State and local governments. When responding to a solicitation with MBE/DBE goals, contractors must provide evidence that they have met the MBE participation goal and any subgoals, or the DBE participation goal established on the contract, by seeking out and utilizing certified MBE or DBE firms.  A contractor can only receive credit toward achievement of such goal if the firm is certified as an MBE (for State-funded contracts) or DBE (for USDOT-funded contracts). 

b.      The names of all certified MBE and DBE firms appear in MDOT’s MBE/DBE Directory.  The Directory is available online and is widely used by State agencies, local governments, contractors and the public.  In fact, MDOT certification is accepted by most local county governments in support of their minority business inclusion efforts. In addition to being used by contractors seeking to meet MBE/DBE contract goals, the Directory is also used by many State and local procurement officers to directly solicit MBE and DBE firms to bid on public contracts.

7)      How are MBE/DBE participation goals established for specific contracts?

a.      To meet the overall MBE and DBE procurement goals, State agencies set goals on those contracts that have subcontracting opportunities based on some factors as described below. Thus, not every contract will have an MBE or DBE participation goal.  Some of the factors that State agencies take into consideration when setting MBE or DBE participation goals for specific contracts include, but are not limited to, the following: type of work involved, potential subcontracting items, location of the project, locations of MBE or DBE firms that are currently certified and availability of MBE or DBE firms.

8)      I am having difficulty filling out my MBE or DBE forms for submittal in my bid, who can I contact?

a.      Any questions regarding a current solicitation, including the MBE or DBE forms, must be directed to the Procurement Officer for that particular solicitation.  Generally, this information can be found on a key information sheet or within the first page of the solicitation.

9)      I am a veteran-owned business, are there any opportunities that will help me to obtain MDOT contracts?

a.      Yes, most veteran-owned firms that are registered as veteran-owned firms by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs are also are eligible to become Small Business certified in the State of Maryland.

b.      Representatives should register their firm at  Along with the Small Business Reserve Program, a few agencies are authorized to establish Small Business Preference procurements (see Question 10 below).   MDOT is one of those agencies. 

10)  What is a Small Business and Veterans Preference Procurement and is it different from a Small Business Reserve Procurement?

a.      A procurement that is designated as a Small Business and Veterans Preference Procurement will establish a percentage price preference to be applied for small businesses submitting a bid or proposal.   A certified small business can be given up to a 5% base percentage preference.  In addition to that base percentage preference, a veteran-owned small business receives up to another 2% preference, and a disabled-veteran-owned small business receives up to 3%. 

b.      The two programs are separate and distinct programs; however, a firm must be registered as a small business and as a veteran-owned or disabled-veteran-owned small business through the Small Business Reserve website.

11)  Where can I find Information Technology (IT) procurements and awards?

a.      Effective July 1, 2008, the Department of Information Technology (DoIT) is the primary procurement unit responsible for the review, approval and oversight of non-delegated Information Technology (IT) procurements. For more information regarding current IT solicitations, contracts and information, visit

12)  What are the procurement procedures for Architectural and Engineering contracts?

a.      All MDOT Architectural/Engineering (A/E) projects are pursued on a competitive technical/negotiated price basis.  Projects over $200,000 are procured in accordance with COMAR 21.12.02 which sets forth the Regulations of the Transportation Professional  Services Selection Board (TPSSB) and the Internal Guidelines promulgated by MDOT.

13)  When are the Transportation Professional Services Selection Board (TPSSB) meetings held and are they open to the public?

a.      The meetings are held at the MDOT Headquarters facility, 7201 Corporate Center Drive, Hanover Maryland 21076 at 2 p.m. sharp on the first Thursday of every month.  The TPSSB meetings are open to the public. 

14)  Can I view the TPPSB meeting agenda prior to the meeting?

a.      Yes, the meeting agenda is posted seven (7) days prior to the meeting on eMaryland Marketplace's public announcements at

15)  How can I obtain a TPSSB Annual Report of Activities?

a.      A free copy of the TPSSB Annual Report of Activities is e-mailed to the TPSSB contact list in PDF form.  Hard copies of the report can be requested and picked up from MDOT Headquarters for $11.00 each [or] the report can be mailed to any U.S. address for $13.00 each. 

To be added to the TPSSB correspondence list, please complete the TPSSB Correspondence Request Form and submit to the Executive Secretary.

All requests for hard copies of the TPSSB Annual Report of Activities must be submitted in writing.  Please specify in your request: (1) Your contact information (i.e., telephone number, e-mail address); (2)  The fiscal year(s) desired; (3) The complete mailing address to where the report(s) should be sent, and (4) A check or money order payable to MDOT.

Maryland Department of Transportation

Attn: Dave Fleming, Office of Finance

7201 Corporate Center Drive  |  Hanover, MD  21076

All checks/money orders should be made payable to: MDOT

If you desire to pick-up your report from MDOT Headquarters, the TPSSB Executive Secretary will contact you to arrange a day and time.


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