MDOT Ombudsman 

The Ombudsman Role:

The Ombudsman receives and responds to complaints and inquiries and is involved only after the complaint has not been satisfactorily addressed by the associated private sector or MDOT entity first. As a neutral resource, the Ombudsman assures that all sides to a matter are heard and attempts to resolve the conflict.


Private Transportation Projects:
Contact the Office of Alternative & Innovative Delivery, for issues and conflicts pertaining to major transportation projects being explored by private entities.

Lisa Webb

Contact the Office of the Business Ombudsman for business solutions, such as payment of overdue invoices for work done by government contractors; Evaluating penalties and fines; Resolution of the application of rules and clarification of regulatory requirements; and Review of permit processing issues.

Nimisha Sharma

For all other general inquiries, please call 410-865-1000.