About MDOT 

Who We Are

The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) is an organization comprised of five business units and one Authority. They are: The Secretary's Office, State Highway Administration, Maryland Transit Administration, Motor Vehicle Administration, MDOT Maryland Port Administration, Maryland Aviation Administration and the Maryland Transportation Authority. This unique approach provides the state’s leadership with the ability to develop a coordinated and balanced approach to transportation.

Our Mission

image of MDOT Mission Statement

Our Vision

To provide safe, reliable, accessible, equitable, and sustainable transportation options to Marylanders across the State.

Our Guiding Principles

These are concepts that will guide MDOT in its decision-making process to support the State’s goals for the transportation system in Maryland.

  • Equity: Integrate equity considerations in all aspects of transportation planning, programming, and operational processes.
  • Preservation: Preserve the condition of the existing transportation system assets to provide safe and efficient movement.
  • Resilience: Improve the transportation system’s ability to provide reliable service throughout natural weather events and man-made threats.
  • Modernization: Transform the transportation system by using proven technological improvements and exploring innovative new ideas.
  • Experience: Improve the experience of all transportation system users.
image outlining MDOT's Guiding Principles

Our Goals

These show, at the highest level, what MDOT plans to do by 2050. Together with the guiding principles they produce a vision of how the transportation system will serve Maryland, and the key outcomes MDOT desires for Maryland.

  • Enhance Safety and Security: By protecting the safety of all residents, workers, and visitors, Maryland will achieve zero traffic related fatalities and serious injuries.
  • Deliver System Quality: By investing to achieve system quality, MDOT will create an infrastructure program that is financially sustainable, environmentally resilient, and in a state of good repair.
  • Serve Communities and Support the Economy: By expanding transportation options to allow Maryland’s diverse communities to access opportunities and to support the movement of goods, MDOT will expand transit and active transportation use, and bolster the State’s economy.
  • Promote Environmental Stewardship: By minimizing and mitigating the environmental effects of transportation, Maryland will achieve a 20 percent reduction from 2019 in vehicle miles traveled (VMT) per capita by 2050, a 40 percent reduction in on-road transportation sector greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2031, and move towards net-zero by 2045.
image outlining MDOT's Goals