Maryland’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Plans and Programs 

Shifting mode choice towards transit and active transportation, and shortening automobile trips and increasing carpooling, are critical components to building efficient, equitable, and sustainable cities, and is also essential to accommodating Maryland’s changing demographic composition. For more information on MDOT planning and programming efforts, please contact the Office of Planning and Capital Programming (OPCP).

A nighttime view of Baltimore City skyline scross the Inner Harbor

News & Upcoming Events

  • MDOT is hosting a webinar on the grants available for FY2022 on Thursday, February 18, 2021 at 10 am. The webinar will review several grants including Transportation Alternatives, Safe Routes to School, Recreational Trails, Bikeways, Highway Safety and Statewide Transit Innovation. Register Online for Webinar 926-678-915 or join by phone (562) 247-8422 Access Code 984-134-382.
  • Safer Bicycle Passing Now In Effect - As of October 1, 2020, it is now legal for motorists to cross double yellow solid lines to provide three feet of safe passing distance when passing bicyclists travelling in the same direction while yielding to on-coming traffic. The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office provides this 2 minute video on how to legally and safely pass cyclists in Maryland.
A nighttime view of Baltimore City skyline scross the Inner Harbor

Advisory Committee

The Maryland Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (MBPAC) advises State government agencies on issues directly related to bicycling and pedestrian activity including funding, public awareness, safety and education.

A nighttime view of Baltimore City skyline scross the Inner Harbor

Bike & Walk Program

The Maryland Department of Transportation administers several grant and special fund programs for biking & pedestrian programs. These programs support local economies and enhance quality of life through biking and walking. In addition, the Department provides technical assistance to help local jurisdictions with feasible projects.

Kim Lamphier Bikeways Network Program

Sidewalk Reconstruction for Pedestrian Access (Fund 33)

New Sidewalk Construction for Pedestrian Access (Fund 79)

Retrofit (Fund 88)


Walk Maryland

Visit our Bike / Walk Programs page for all information.