Be a Superhero. Put litter in its place.

Did you know that from 2015 to 2022, Maryland has spent more than $60 million to clean up 14 million pounds of litter?

Every day in Maryland, litter is tossed and blown onto our interstates, state, county and city roads. It creates an eyesore for motorists, harms wildlife and their habitats, clogs our waterways, and is a potential hazard for motorists and pedestrians who may be struck by anything from a lit cigarette to a soda bottle. All of us need to do our part to put litter in its place. That’s why MDOT kicked off a new anti-litter campaign: "Be Superhero — Put Litter in Its Place!"

We want to help people of all ages understand the devastating effects litter has on Maryland’s economic development, tourism and quality of life through our educational efforts.

Join us and our anti-litter heroes “Recycle Ruby” and “Can-it Clay” in spreading the word to put litter in its place!

image of our superheroes: Recycle Ruby and Can-it Clay

Did You Know?