Maryland State regulations are compiled in the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR). COMAR contains 33 Titles, with each Title usually corresponding to a department or agency. 

Excess/Extra Land
This is a broad, inclusive category of properties being reviewed for possible disposition. Some are operational properties for which disposition would necessitate operational replacement, while others are candidates for clearance. Information about excess land is available to the public for research purposes, and no expectation should be made regarding the site's availability for sale.

Joint Development
Broadly defined, this term applies to a partnership between a public agency and private business in which the State can benefit from revenue generated by use of a property that is adjacent to or connected to a public facility. While we tend to refer to transit-related opportunities in and around rail stations and bus facilities, the concept applies to our ports as well as our airports.

"Leases" describes a category of transaction opportunity offered by MDOT to the private sector and is specific to a property purchased for long-range project purposes that can be leased from the State on an interim basis. The opportunity may or may not include the rental of an improvement on the property.

Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)
For ORE's purposes, TOD describes development opportunities that are part of or adjacent to MDOT transit stations. TOD projects include amenity additions to a Park & Ride Lot or transit station (such as a convenience store), as well as the quintessential mixed-use development at a larger rail station.​​​​