Americans with Disabilities and Senior Citizens 

Welcome to the Maryland Department of Transportation's (MDOT) web page for Americans with Disabilities and Senior Citizens. MDOT is a dynamic organization that includes the MDOT Maryland State Highway (SHA), the MDOT Maryland Aviation Administration (MAA), the MDOT Maryland Port Administration (MPA), the MDOT Maryland Transit Administration (MTA), the Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA), and the MDOT Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA). Each of these Modal Administrations listed above provide services to individuals with disabilities and senior citizens of Maryland. It is MDOT's goal to provide transportation programs and services that support public or private transportation opportunities for individuals with disabilities and senior citizens. Regardless, of the means of travel, as a pedestrian, a motorist, or public transportation, transportation provides a means of independence.

Included in the Department's web page are links to each Modal Administration's website and resources that we have found to be transportation related and useful to individuals with disabilities and senior citizens. MDOT has also provided a list of full service gas stations in the State of Maryland to assist your needs. If you are a senior resident and/or a visiting driver with a disability that prevents you from filling you own gas tank, then go to one of the gas stations listed on the web page. Please note that there are several counties within the State of Maryland that have not yet been added to the web site. MDOT is still in the process of visiting those counties and they will be added as soon as they become available as part of the "Its Good Business" Program.

Thank you for visiting our web page. It is MDOT's commitment to provide transportation information for our traveling needs to our individuals with disabilities and senior citizen community. If you have any questions, you may contact us by e-mail at , or at the Maryland Department of Transportation, 7201 Corporate Center Drive, Mailstop 330, Hanover MD 21076.

Employment Rehabilitation Services for Individuals with Disabilities

State of Maryland, Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS)

The Mission of DORS is to provide leadership and support promoting employment, economic self-sufficiency and independence of individuals with disabilities.

The DORS web site offers information such as an Overview on how to obtain services and the steps involved in doing so; DORS Office Locations with regional offices located throughout the State of Maryland; Job Seeking Information including employment resources for individuals with disabilities.

Maryland's WorkTech - Putting Rehabilitation Technology to Work

Located at the world renowned Maryland Rehabilitation Center (MRC). Provides information, consulting and training about job accommodation strategies and the employability of individuals with disabilities. You will find an incredible amount of information for creating a barrier-free facility; practical suggestions for modifying a worker's work space and/or home environment; assistive technology, employment, job accommodation resources, employee-employer expectations, and links to hundreds of other useful sites. This site may be accessed through the DORS home page, or directly.

Maryland's Technology Assistance Program (MD TAP)

Provides information on available products, devices, services and other resources to assist individuals with disabilities and senior citizens.

Job Accommodation Network (JAN)

An international toll-free consulting service that provides information about accommodations and the employability of persons with disability.

Web Site Accessibility Under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), communication barriers must be eliminated that prevent individuals with disabilities from enjoying equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from:

  • programs and activities of state/local government
  • goods, services or activities offered by public accommodation
  • employment Opportunities in public and private

The MDOT Web Page has been designed so that it is accessible to the widest audience possible. This includes persons with disabilities using modified computers, and those with low bandwidth connections to the world wide web. This site complies with standards set forth by .... For more information, click on the following: Internet accessibility