Maryland Commuter Tax Credit 

Commuter Choice Maryland can help you create benefits for your employees at half the cost through the Maryland Commuter Tax Credit. We reimburse 50% of your costs (up to $100 per employee) when you offer employees qualified commuting benefits programs like Guaranteed Ride HomeVanpoolTransit, and Cash in Lieu of Parking. Now with the latest expansion of benefits to include Telework, Carpool, Active Transportation, and Multimodal Commuter Last Mile Connection you can now provide more options for a stress free commute!  In addition to the Maryland Commuter Tax Credit, Federal tax code allows up to $270 per employee per month for qualifying parking, vanpool, and transit benefits through a tax-free, employer-paid subsidy or pre-tax, employee-paid deduction (or a combination of the two).

Want to know if your business qualifies?

Maryland Commuter Tax Credit Qualification Flowchart

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We’d be happy to help! Contact us to confirm the requirements for setting up commuter benefits at your company and receive guidance on implementing federal and local tax incentive programs.