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About the Council

The Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council (EVIC) was established by State legislation in 2011. In 2019, the membership, responsibilities, and reporting requirements of EVIC was expanded to include zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). To reflect the expanded responsibilities of the council, EVIC was renamed the Maryland Zero Emission Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council (ZEEVIC). In 2020, the membership of ZEEVIC was expanded further and the Council’s termination date was extended to 2026.

Maryland by the Numbers*:

Registered EVs
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As of September 30, 2021

The ZEEVIC is charged with the development of policies, recommendations, and incentives that increase awareness of ZEVs, support the ownership of ZEVs, and promote investment by the private sector in ZEVs; the development of recommendations for a statewide EV charging and hydrogen refueling infrastructure plan; and the development of other potential policies to promote and facilitate the successful integration of ZEVs into Maryland’s transportation network.

Visit our StoryMap site for EV maps, station and corridor data and outreach activities. Visit our Alternative Fuel Corridor Page to learn more about Maryland's alternative fuel corridors.

2021 ZEEVIC Meeting Schedule

Date & Link Agenda Presentation Notes/Materials
January 20, 2021 1.21.2021 Agenda 1.21.2021 Presentation 1.21.2021 Meeting Notes
March 17, 2021 3.17.2021 Agenda 3.17.2021 Presentation 3.17.2021 Meeting Notes
May 19, 2021 5.19.2021 Agenda 5.19.2021 Presentation 5.19.2021 Meeting Notes
July 29, 2021 7.29.2021 Agenda 7.29.2021 Presentation 7.29.2021 Meeting Notes
September 15, 2021 9.15.2021 Agenda

9.15.2021 Presentation

FCEV Update on Market Development

9.15.2021 Meeting Notes
November 17, 2021

Documents prior to 2021  are available :

Archived Meeting Materials

January 30th: | Agenda  | Notes
March 29th: | Agenda  | Notes
May 23rd: | Agenda  | Notes
July 18th: | Agenda  | Notes
September 27th: | Agenda  | Notes
November 21st: | Agenda  | Notes

January 19th: | Agenda  | Notes
March 15th: | Agenda  | Notes
May 30th: | Agenda  | Notes
July 26th: | Agenda  | Notes
September 20th: | Agenda  | Notes
December 14th: | Agenda  | Notes

January 5th: | Agenda  |
February 3rd (Conference Call) : | Agenda  |
March 16th: | Agenda  |
May 25th: | Agenda  |
July 20th: | Agenda  |
September 21st: | Agenda  | Summary
November 14th: | Agenda  |

February 18th: | Agenda  | Summary
April 21st: | Agenda  | Summary
June 16th: | Agenda  |
September 15th: | Agenda  |
November 17th: | Agenda  |
December 9th: | Agenda  |

Annual Reports of Progress and Accomplishments

ZEEVIC Procedures Updated July 1, 2020

2021 Priorities

  • Maximize the use of grant and alternative funding opportunities for EV/EVSE in Maryland.
  • Develop an approach to address the Right to Charge and EV Parking/Anti-icing.
  • Ensure EV readiness through strategic infrastructure planning that focuses on corridors, workplaces, and communities.
  • Continue education and outreach coordination with a focus on diversity and equity.

ZEEVIC Members

Name & Position Representing
R. Earl Lewis, Jr, Deputy Secretary Maryland Department of Transportation (Council Chair)
Hyeon-Shic Shin, PhD., Morgan State University Member from a Maryland institution of higher education
Weston Young, Worcester County Maryland Association of Counties - rural region
Liam Davis, Baltimore City Department of Transportation Maryland Association of Counties - urban or suburban region
Nina Forsythe, City of Frostburg Maryland Municipal League - rural region
David Edmondson, City of Frederick Maryland Municipal League - urban or suburban region
Elvia Thompson, Annapolis Green EV Driver Advocacy Organization
Kristy Fleischmann-Groncki, BGE Electric Companies
Robert Stewart, PEPCO Holdings, Inc.
Jeff Shaw, SMECO
Jason Tai, Tesla Consultant Electric Vehicle Manufacturer
Kevin Miller, ChargePoint, Inc. Electric Vehicle Charging Station Manufacturer
Robert Wimmer, Director, Toyota Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Manufacturer
Joe Alfred, Ally Power Inc. Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Equipment Manufacturer
Vacant Fleet Operators
Michael A. Wall, Clinton Electric Company Electrical Workers
Scott Wilson, Electric Vehicle Association of Washington D.C. Environmental Community
Paul Verchinski Public with expertise in energy or transportation policy
Vacant New vehicle dealer association
Senator Clarence K. Lam, M.D., District 12 Baltimore and Howard Counties State Senate
Delegate Tony Bridges, District 41 Baltimore City House of Delegates
Delegate David Fraser-Hidalgo, District 15 Montgomery County
Bihui Xu, Transportation Planning Maryland Department of Planning
Benjamin Grumbles Maryland Department of the Environment
Kelly Schulz Maryland Department of Commerce
Kevin Mosier, Wholesales Markets Liaison Staff of the Maryland Public Service Commission
Mike Jones, Transportation Program Manager Maryland Energy Administration


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